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We All Do it

Oh yes, boob stare. We all do it…Just, most of us don`t get caught doing it :)! Enjoy!

We All Do it

We All Do it

We All Do it

We All Do it

We All Do it

We All Do it

We All Do it

We All Do it

We All Do it

We All Do it

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  • LiLi

    very. very . very good pictures.

    booooooo ooooooo ooooo ooo s

  • roberto janiro


  • safa

    Very good pictures

  • nik

    What is the name of the blonde girl in the 5th picture?

  • ASwedishPerson

    Someone asked who the blonde girl in the 5th picture is, her name is Natacha Peyre and got famous in 2005 when she took part of the swedish version of Paradise Hotel :P She’s very famous here ;) You’re welcome xD

  • AnOtherSwedishPerson

    She’s the biggest reatrd on earth, and no. She’s not f**king famous. She have b**bs and she is blonde – people take her picture. That’s how famous she is.

  • raj

    good ………………………

  • Moncler

    As i know, all men like do this, This is the nature of every man, look at that kid pic, you will know this is the man’s nature

    • Joey

      it is also men’s nature to practice cleavage, wear mini skirts, and be feminine for the general public. Yeah keep talking nonsense

  • Tinka

    very good…….!!!!!

  • masud

    wow so hot…

  • Basharat Prince

    hai laanti kanjar baigarat
    Dalay teee chode ani day bachay

  • suresh

    wow so sexy girls

  • Robby

    I like the first pic with the girl crossing the street.Wife flashes too when we go out, as it’s a killer blast seeing guys trying to avert their eyes before getting caught.

  • I strongly disagree, if they hate it then they should stop dressing like that. They want to look good by showing their best side, you only then look good when you are looked at.

  • rendra

    i dont think so, but it’s nature

  • Rajesh Arora

    Its really amazing.

  • Friv

    very good
    I like the first pic with the girl crossing the street.Wife flashes too when we go out, as it’s a killer blast seeing guys trying to avert their eyes before getting caught.

  • TaraL

    It is sort of stupid for any woman who is dressed the way any of these women are dressed (or not dressed) to be upset or angry about it. I mean , seriously, THEY WANT the guy to do that. They want the guy to suck their t**ies when they are dressed like this. So I say whore the eff on and for bitches to just shut the eff up already about what they hate. Most of us really do not give a damn. I say to guys, “go for it” these silly little bitches WANT for you to look. Bitches are just dumb today to be upset when they are dressed like a torpedo battleship. It is not so much natural as it is just stupid. It is just stupid for any woman to be truly upset these days and tell any guy that they are not to look at them when they are dressed that way. These women are just asking for it they really are and none of us should ever blame another man AGAIN when a woman is dressed that way. It is APPARENT in this day and age that SHE wants you to LOOK AT HER T**S.

    SIgned by a BONAFIDE FEMALE…

  • TaraL

    Yes, I know guys, I just keep spitting out the word “stupid” but am for a lack of any true intelligent comment for except this word because this is all that I see. Number six feels the same way. I am tired of the guys being hassled for this (my silly a** husband looks as well) and of course I do not appreciate it. It is not natural for a woman to “stand up for any rights” about her body when she has forfeited them to go out in public to expose her so called “private parts”.

    I do not care what happens to dumbass women who continue on this way, they make the rest of us look bad (even when the guy thinks it looks good). Great, I am estatic that guys enjoy what they are able to. As a female, I really do not want to be perceived as an object to stick a d**k between my cleavage or mouth or a**. Now, if the pictorial femmes above wish to be seen this way, that is their affair.

    But NEVER ever should they run home crying about how the next idiot t*t has had her top torn off by a gang of petrified penises. LET THEM.

    I do not want to hear when another idiot girl has turned up missing and yet goes out the night before dressed like this with a whisper of a skirt, a band aid for a bra and her groundhog screaming at the masses. A guy has every right to direct his attention to ANY woman who is dressed as the women above are dressed.

    Now a word for the guys, here is the catch…..you do NOT get to treat a real woman who carries herself in a classic and respectable manner. You forfeit your right when a female is dressed in a manner that she deserves to be treated.

    IF the woman is dressed like ANY of the SLUTS above, you have every right to do and act as you bloody damned well please because she wants you to have YOUR way with her a 1000 times + 10 refill count of VIAGRA. The women dressed the way they are above in those “hot and hand job simple” pics, are YOURS for the WHATEVER way that YOU desire BECAUSE they WANT YOU to ram it up their beaver patch with petrol on top. The girls in the photos above are your example so that YOU will KNOW the difference between an authentic woman and a freak bubble twat. Whoever compiled these photos knew exactly the point to be made.

    So I say, “Guys, I cheer you on AND have plenty to drink BEFORE you jam your masterrod between her glorified twatbush or her meth-like mangoes and be sure to have your attorney’s number in your wallet nextdoor to your Ramses Super II or the Sheepskin Delight in the gold pack, because just as these tit for twats begin to jiggle for jism, she will run high bloody hell to her local swat team and yell molestation or when her pappy and her shit for brains mammy will send a search party on a line search through the woods to look for her poor missing daughter who ‘lights up a room’ and who was such a great person.” ——and that’s that! ;-)

  • TaraL

    We will all be seeing some you on that Chris Hansen show called “Caught on Tape” being led away by your local police department and his MSNBC cameras. Bon Apetite! DUMMY!

  • pete

    tell you what, i have a girlfriend with a damn-sexy body. she doesn’t really bother when i catch a glimpse of another voluptuous lady, because she knows she’s more than got the goods herself. i know she gets chatted up a lot, and she knows i know, but we know each other well enough to know how to remain faithful. point is, the most sensible know from experience that its natural for men to take a peek. anyway, it takes the dumbest brain in the universe to think that men shouldn’t look at you when you’re wearing something skimpish. women are more manipulative than men. they know what they are doing.

  • Jason

    As if women don’t peek at men’s crotches.

  • amitav


  • Isaac

    Well, I agree with those men, they are smoking hot.

  • hgi

    it is non muslim society fact come to the true true believer of Islam they are not like or even near to that.

  • lesza

    I think it’s crazy

  • reely

    yeah it’s natural, so how cum you stupid deads**ts let women tell you off when you look. Any girl who doesn’t like it can stop you looking. Talk about flakes!

  • jimm

    I read your article, I had a lot of ideas, thank you

  • fahad

    its nice !! very nice

  • Bhawin

    wow… nice collection of suspense photo…

  • Lois

    Girls do check guys out.

    Who’s the guy in the 4th picture? Or what is he from? I’ve seen him before and it’s one of those things that will annoy me.
    Thank you :)

  • hannora

    great picture n’ nice collection…

  • big-cock

    nice collection :)

  • tmastery

    Very nice collection.

  • Jim Jibson

    “Where is he looking at”? It’s ‘where is he looking’ OR ‘what is he looking at’. Worrying that this kind of stupidity finds its way into literate adults.

  • Lizzy

    very bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • M_r_enterprises2006

    wow could have got in real

  • Ajaysharma9

    Simple Q
    Why do girls show cleavage ??
    Only for guys (Am i Right ?)

    if is kept open for guys, and if guys peep in to it, its perfectly all right

  • marcos

    muuuitoooo legal

  • loverboy

    its normal specially if it is very big and nice

  • gurmukh


  • DECK

    butts and boobs are definite “take a look” in my list. beauty must be appreciated in all shapes and sizes….=)

  • http://www.facebook.com/jose.palavecino.92 Jose Palavecino

    hol amig linda fonot mneguntari ser tun amigo y tambien que estemo mas en contato on don ten pansan por mi fece chuan salundo son jose den argetina

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