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Beautiful Sport Girls

Sport gives us a lot of excitement, emotions, adrenaline rushes, and satisfaction. I’ve always liked sports of any kind, and after looking at this ladies, I’m even into girls sports! These girls are talented, great in their sports, and drop dead gorgeous! Just choose any sport, and you’ll find at least one beautiful girl. This is not some kind of final list, it’s just random pick from so many beauties. Now, I’m watching all sports, for more excitement and satisfaction!

Ana Ivanovic

Beautiful Sport Girls


Daniela Hantuchová

Beautiful Sport Girls


Marisa Miller

Beautiful Sport Girls


Erika Prezerakou

Beautiful Sport Girls


Lauren Elizabeth Jackson

Beautiful Sport Girls


Gabrielle Reece

Beautiful Sport Girls


Victoria Azarenka

Beautiful Sport Girls


Jennie Finch

Beautiful Sport Girls


Natalie Gulbis

Beautiful Sport Girls


Dara Torres

Beautiful Sport Girls


Ashley Tappin

Beautiful Sport Girls


Malia Jones

Beautiful Sport Girls


Maria Kirilenko

Beautiful Sport Girls


Maria Sharapova

Beautiful Sport Girls


Alisson Stokke

Beautiful Sport Girls


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  • mukesh

    thats y man lov sports…..

  • shibalik

    These are good. But where is Sania Mirza…She hotter that william sisters, I think.

  • csk

    nice to watch .
    keep on sending such links

  • احمداحمد


  • sameen

    allison stoke

  • marviafzal


  • white

    charming girls

  • shlagg223

    Allison Stokke no.1. The rest of them do not come close.

  • Andypalooza

    It’s funny, ’cause in Norway there is a dime a dousin of these athletes… Check out Norwegian pole vaulter Cathrine Larsåsen, Cross country skier Therese Johaug, Kickboxing World Champion Mette Solli, 100m hurdles Rachel Nordtømme. To mention some….

  • fufu

    no offense serena williams is fugly.

  • kiske

    Alison Stokke !!!!!! I LOVE YOU

  • kiske

    Alison Stokee

  • Balamurugan

    Wow wow wow wow

  • Argh

    Marissa Miller is downright anorexic-like, don’t see anything ”sporty” in her apperance, so i can’t see how she can be ”sport girl”.

  • PatrickLA

    That is NOT Danica Patrick in that pic! lol

  • dupchawalar1

    W T F is S Williams doing there???

    she´s butuglyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Anonymous

      my hard-on became a soft-off after seeing her picture

  • jim

    OK by listing Serena Williams with Beautiful girls you lost me

  • Kakessinho

    Danica Patrick is not her, she is Ana Ivanovic and Ana is the most beautiful sport girl…Jelena Jankovic and Serene Williams are monsters…

  • Kodiman2010

    I can’t believe Hope Solo isn’t on here!

    • Louis Bodine

      You mean Alex Morgan



    • doug

      ana ivanovic is on here re*ard

  • Zirafica

    Lol Not Ana Ivanovic?
    She as a really beautiful
    And there is Jelena Jankovic???
    You must be kidding me :D

  • Davetiyeler

    thank you very much

  • huwey

    What about Paula Creamer, Sabine Lisicki, Louisa Necib??

  • Revboo

    I noticed that there was no African Americans on here…

    • tyron

      I’m sure author didn’t have any racial criteria when he made this list…

  • Trojan_horse

    How the hell you have a list of any more than 5 beautiful athletes with only two black women?

    • tyron

      I’m sure that author didn’t have any racial criteria during the work on the list :)…

  • LobeJean58

    OBVIOUSLY according to white people once again NONE of them are prettier than Laila Ali you all do NOT look as good as you think you do… LOTS of hype. And you know that you do not look as good…Obviously that is why you PAY to have the black woman’s body!!! First it was our color TANNING til you are unnaturally orange, then it became OUR hair Bo white Derek in corn rows…Now it is OUR LIPS, HIPS and Derrieres!!! A ha ha ha ha ha who is really beautiful I don’t know but I would RATHER appreciate the beauty book being opened to ALL WOMEN

    • Anton

      Whites tan to get… wait for it…TAN… not black. Try going back to kindergarten and learning your colors. And tanning is natural. It happens when they go out in the sun. Plus, it’s healthy too — providing them with vitamins. I doubt any white wants black skin. Don’t even get me started on black hair. No one wants nappy hair, not even black girls. That’s why they wear weaves.

      Now what about black girls who straighten and color their hair, bleach their skin, surgically make their nose thinner, and wear Western fashion styles? Are they trying to look white? Why are all the sex symbols in the black community light skinned girls who are clearly mixed with non-black blood (i.e. Halle Berry, Tyra Banks, Rhianna, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Paula Patton, etc). Why do so many black males chose a white trophy wife once they achieve success? Seems the only ones with a bias against black females are black males. They date outside of their race at disproportionate levels.

      • tyron

        I must agree with this…

  • Rewms

    All white girlz?!? Dude and you call this BlackSportsOnline? You’ve got some serious “Uncle Clarence” issues!

  • Ram Eez

    some are ugly, some are 50/50 and some are 100%

  • Pete

    Where is Leryn Franco???

  • Lenvignola55

    Very disappointed not to see Jessica Mendoza, USA softball team. She is a first class lady and outstanding athlete from Stanford University.

  • DocLove

    no Ana Ivanovic nor Caroline Wozniacki… but williams, what is wrong with you?

  • mike

    what’s the name of the brunette girl in the preview picture? i don’t see any of her in these top 10.. :(

  • Dontknow

    My god Allison is hot.

  • Mariam Sherif Kassem

    That’s not Viktoria Azarenka!

  • Crosstheline

    Alisson Stokke is svelt – so nice and nice

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/BJ-Monstovich/1078908126 BJ Monstovich

    Didnt see Becky Hammon?

  • chino

    A bunch of skinny blond white girls with no asses, no bodies at all… honestly to each his own but i dont find the majority of these girls hot a all

    • Anton

      Most female athletes have to be thin and toned. Being curvy will make them slow and less dynamic. These girls are top athletes for a reason, and a lot of it has to do with their body type. The only elite curvy athlete I can think of is Serena Williams. Even her sister Venus is thin and without curves.

  • Bdog

    Most beautiful my ass! What’s beautiful about grown women that are shaped like little boys? No hips, flat asses, give me a break. This is some white mess.

  • Bdog

    Laila Ali puts all these skeletons to shame!

  • jarze

    No Ana Ivanovic, you say? Funny, I see her first in the first page…

  • Robbie

    Allison stoke by a WIDE margin. She is seriously totally HOT man. Geez…
    I’ll def be watching pole vaulting for this summer’s olympic games….

  • Williamsam

    amazing i like ana <3 love u baby

  • Guesiploh

    Alisson Stokke…is beautifulll…

  • Thats_mistadred_2u

    what a bulls**t LIST where Laila Ali at? No black women f*ck this bs list bunch of OFAYS lol

    • tyron

      No1 said that these were the only beautiful girls in sport…Also, it’s author’s choice, and I guess you two don’t have similar taste…

    • Anton

      Did you read the second page? Laila Ali and Serena Williams are both there. Stop being so quick to complain. You look foolish.

    • Spoony

      Laila Ali is on page 2. Stop playing the race card. Black women are gorgeous too! If Kelly Rowland played tennis……..etc

  • almas

    I think she is Viktoria Azarenka. right?

  • Mai Mg

    You forgot the #1 Darya Klishina ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001999426960 Hrh Princess Alexandra I

    that is NOT victoria azarenka…. thats maria kirilenko! you put her twise

  • Dr.Erving

    what,no women of color,who selected?

  • mort

    who is the girl in the preview picture??

    • mort


  • From England

    Where are Catalina Ponor and Sandra Izbasa??

  • Z

    Ivet Lalova missing!

  • Shardool

    Her name is Franco Leryn… She is a javelin Throw specialist from Paraguay…. She’s d best… Google her… U”ll find out

  • BDL

    no way it is azarenka on so-named picture

  • My Name

    Darya Klishina? where is?

  • getaloadofthis

    I guess all the black women in sports were too busy somewhere being ugly.

  • Jimmylee

    Hahah FAIL! Dude think you are getting too old because some of them just look like whores, damn fuck right, most are not even that famous dude you are lost haha

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